How does one incorporate Jo-Ann Richards attention to detail and the passion for creating mood into a few simple sentences? You can’t. It’s only from examining her work that one gleans the application of immense talent, preparation and expression. To be sure, there were years of training at accredited institutions followed by apprenticeships under the best in the business, Jo-Ann emerged with a sense of light, mood and balance that is undeniable in it’s sophistication, it’s purpose and it’s effect.

Jo-Ann’s formal education earned 2 Associate of Arts Diplomas. At Camosun College in Victoria, she undertook a broad study of the visual arts. At Sheridan College in Ontario, She completed a thorough study of all aspects of commercial photography.

Works Photography debuted in 1995 in Victoria’s funky Fernwood area but has relocated numerous times to keep up with the demands of a successful enterprise. It is now located  in a home studio in Victoria, BC.

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